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Learn more and keep up to date with Mentor's custom Training Services

Keeping your employees and members of the firm up to date with changes to or additions of a variety of functions, procedures and even software is an often overlooked aspect of the business. At Mentor RIA Consulting, we have trained principals, advisers and employees on compliance requirements and changes, financial planning software, advanced planning techniques, as well as industry specific and general knowledge applicable the an RIA firm's business. 

Mentor's approach to training is flexible, customizable and effective. Among the features of our training services are the following: 
  • Training provided at your location, over the internet or at a public facility
  • We will use your training materials, advise on the creation and update of your materials or will present our own materials
  • Training provided for one person, a team or larger groups
  • Training at different levels depending on audience - always clear and understandable

NEW Training Programs Available include: 
Compliance Series - Updated Cybersecurity Requirements
Planning Series - Advanced Medical Planning

Planning Series - Step by Step Social Security Retirement Benefits
Planning Series - Charitable Planning Ideas
Planning Series - Client Year-end Update
Planning Series - Basics of Small Business Succession Planning
Compliance Series - The Annual Form ADV Update
Planning Series - Planning Oversight
Sample Training Presentation (Partial) - HERE 

Other Titles Include: 

Compliance Series - Preparing the Annual Risk Review
Planning Series - Modeling the Impact of Future Purchases or Sales
Compliance Series - Understanding the Advertising Rules
Planning Series - Common Modeling Mistakes
Compliance Services - How to Handle Trade Errors
Planning Series - Asset Selection in Funding Goals
Compliance Series - Disaster Recovery and RIA Business Succession
Planning Series - Modeling Trusts in Your Financial Plan
Compliance Series - Adding a New State Registration
Planning Series - Working with Real Property in Your Plan

Please Contact Us with any questions or requests regarding our training services. 

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