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Communicate a Better Client Experience

Have you ever found it necessary to take the time to straighten out something that you thought never should or would be messed up? Have you ever gotten a call, letter or message raising an issue that you believed had been handled? Of course you have and, unfortunately, you probably will have to get used to it.

Even with some of the largest, most customer oriented businesses in the country – household names – a customer can experience problems with mistakes, improper charges, terms changed without warning, missing information, a lack of communication and more. Most of us already feel that we have enough things to deal with in our lives on a day to day basis without these new, unexpected and unwarranted issues coming up to annoy us and take our time to obtain resolution.

It used to be that businesses were boring and effective and did what they were supposed to do; or at least it seemed that way. If a problem arose, you could speak with a person who you could understand and who could understand you, and more often than not the problem was resolved. Nowadays it seems that you can’t turn around without some new annoyance popping up and you taking time to deal with something you believe should not have been a problem or require attention in the first place.

The problem seems to be something more than an oversight in training and processes at businesses of all kinds. It is what feels like a general attitude on the part of folks not to do any more than the minimum and to be without a real understanding of what the job requires.

In writing this, I am not suggesting a solution for the overall problem. I am suggesting that YOU take the time to take a look at your business and ensure that your customers do not experience these types of problems. Ensure that employees understand what needs to be done and that clear cut processes make it easy to do it and keep customers happy. Communicate clearly and fully with your customers (and your employees) and watch turnover fall and satisfaction rise. 

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jonathan orcutt on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 11:37 AM
I think you make some very timely points here George. Some of the larger service providers like phone and internet companies come to mind. It seems that they make it quite difficult to get to someone who can actually help with a given problem a customer might have, and even then , the communication can be sketchy at best. I will look at my own business and process and see what I can do be more helpful and less complicated to communicate with.
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George on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 1:38 PM
You are right about the big service providers, Jonathan, but I feel the larger issue is making sure we do not fall into the same behaviors and work at communicating well with our customers, prospects and employees. We should not have to numbly accept poor service and must lead by example.

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