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Don't Forget Human Nature

It has been said that “People who make regulations should have a firm grasp of human nature.”  (For the quote’s source, please respond to the post and I will provide it happily). If there is anything that the people who make our laws, rules and regulations clearly do NOT have it is that all-important grasp of human nature.

How many federal laws, rules and regulations can you think of that were intended to serve some laudable purpose but fail miserably because the drafters of those same laws, rules and regulations forgot that there are always people – and plenty of them – ready to take advantage, abuse, circumvent or ignore those laws? Medicare doctors charging the taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars for unnecessary and overpriced services, social disability claimants and their lawyers attracted to all that easy taxpayer money, the IRS so eager to pay refunds quickly that they pay untold millions of dollars to false claimants without taking the simplest precautions to prevent that waste. The list is endless. And, despite what you might think about the government’s ability to print new money, that money really is not endless either. 

You might feel that there is little you can do. You are wrong. There is, of course, your vote and it might well be used to help clean house since there are few, if any, incumbents who have not either exacerbated the problem by voting for poorly drafted legislation or, even worse, have failed to read and understand the legislation they have voted to support.

Then there is you and your own behavior. You can take steps to ensure that you are not one of those folks who say something like “Everyone’s doing it” or “they owe me” or some such blather to support the abuse, circumvention, or avoidance of those laws, rules and regulations. You can push back against the less desirable aspects of human nature and you can work towards making sure our laws take human nature into account. Or take it a step further and teach your children and your friends. Do this and every little bit will help to slowly make things better. Be patient, but stick with it.  

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