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Working through the Holidays

Do you work much over the holidays? Many folks take time off – or work for businesses that are closed – for days if not weeks at the end of the year. If you own your own business you can, of course, choose to close down your business for any portion of this time. You may be traveling and spending time with family and friends and so business needs to take a back seat.

However, many of us choose to spend some of our time at the holidays in working on projects that are necessary to our business but many not involve seeing clients or prospects. As we have suggested for slow times in the summer, the holidays allow the business person to focus on work that may be tedious or not first priority but must be done at some point in time. One might be surprised at how productive they can be when the phones are not ringing or buzzing or whatever they do when communications are coming in. A few hours of work here and there can really add up and allow us the comfort and satisfaction of getting things in order for the new year.

Another consideration is the undoubted fact that no period of calm and quiet ever lasts for long. There will be the client who needs to have you make last minute trades to harvest losses or take RMD withdrawals or other actions that must be done by year’s end. There will be the client who experiences a family event or a sudden, unexpected change in priorities and goals that requires your advice and perhaps an update to the financial plan.

Finally, there is the obvious for most of us – if we are not working, then we are not earning and are not keeping up with the demands of our businesses. Of course, you may be fortunate in having staff available to take care of things while you relax or unfortunate in not having enough business to need to work over the holidays. Whatever your situation, though, be prepared to work if it is necessary and otherwise – enjoy!

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