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It is almost inevitable that we will run into an issue or question that we need to answer but really are not sure about. Whether it is about the tax consequences of a transaction we’re considering or the best way to protect against a specific risk in our lives, there may be nuances we would overlook or bigger problems we do not understand when trying to address that issue or question.

This is the point where sometimes it is best to swallow our pride and ask for directions. Instead of trying to muddle through on our own or assume that because the question is not rocket science we are capable of handling it, we might be better off spending the time and money to consult an expert in the subject matter involved. Yes, it might cost a little money, but if you are able to get good advice it will save you both time and money along with the underlying worry that you missed something. The expert also provides a backstop as a potential source of recourse if that advice is wrong.

You might be surprised how many folks are reluctant to ask for help unless it is from a friend or acquaintance they think might know. Those people may mean well but as they say, you get what you pay for and free advice often is open to question as to its value. The better cliché to invoke may be an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

So the next time you have one of those questions you know is important but you just are not sure about the answer, seek out advice from a professional. You likely will get good referrals from some of the other professionals you work with, such as your accountant or attorney or perhaps friends who have a close working relationship with such professionals. 

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