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Overcoming Adversity

Few of us are fortunate enough to entirely avoid adversity in our lives. Whatever form it may take, and it covers every aspect of the human existence as we know it and perhaps beyond, adversity is ever present. Knowing that and understanding that we are likely to experience some, the question becomes, what are we going to do about it?

An obvious step is to address the aspects of the adversity that we have the power and ability to handle. Whether it is taking the advice and direction of a doctor, attorney, pastor or other counselor or soliciting the assistance of friends and family, it may be better to share with someone you trust and receive (hopefully objective) help.   

Another thing that can make a difference is perspective. Not always easy to reach, but a real help in putting things in their proper place. You don’t want to make too much or too little of the adversity but want to give it the attention it needs. This is not the easiest step, since the adversity is often front of mind and for good reason. However, remember that with time, life in general and other events are going to push this one into the background.

Compartmentalizing is a technique that allows one to separate things out into manageable portions. Deal with things one step at a time and don’t spend a lot of time agonizing over something that you cannot do anything about now but must wait for it to develop. Things like waiting for a required medical test and then the results come to mind – worry about scheduling the test first, then taking it, then get the results and finally act on them. It does not all happen instantly and much better to worry about what is next and not third in line.

Finally, some distraction through the things in life that are comforting and pleasing to you can play a useful role in dealing with issues. Whether it is an activity like cycling or sitting on the beach or curling up with a book, make some time for yourself where you will not be focused on whatever adversity has manifested in your life. 

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