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Beating the Blizzard

Many of us on the East Coast were the beneficiaries of Winter Storm Jonas, a record-breaking snowfall in many cities and a high impact storm affecting work, travel and more. On the bright side, we had plenty of warning and fairly accurate predictions about what was to come. Keeping this in mind, how did you take advantage of the event?

One who was planning on travel this past weekend might not have thought there was any advantage, but there is usually something one can do without the usual distractions of day to day life. Before the storm hit, I was certain that I could spend some quality time working in my home office and, although I did get some work done, it was not close to the amount I thought would take place. The bright side here was that spending time on research was easy, the writing often comes harder as it did this time, with postponement of some writing that should have been done.

Naturally, even if you were prepared for the storm, there were things that had to be done during and after the snowfall. Shoveling was a big one, a time consuming process that can be frustrating, especially when an area you cleared one day is full the next. Though shoveling is exercise, I am not so sure it is good exercise and certainly not the best form of exercise! But, it had to be done to permit both access – for the post, the paper, the trash pickup and more – and egress so one could get out and alleviate the cabin fever.

Even when not banned, driving has been dangerous, particularly on side streets that have not been cleared. In the bright Sunday sunshine, with no snowfall, most vehicles encountered experienced difficulties and many required shoveling out and pushing. That will consume a lot of time and energy as well.

Inside the home was best, though, particularly if one did not lose power. Leisurely meals, home cooking and baking were fun with the lack of time pressure. Reading, if you are into that, was also a benefit. Of course, many of you no doubt spent plenty of time on the internet for a multitude of reasons. But that is not really different from the usual. Frankly, the storm was a welcome break from routine and allowed a different view of things for a few days. Hoping you all had a safe and relaxing time, too. 

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