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Do You Know where the Buck Stops?

An interesting aspect of people and how they handle their lives, their businesses and relationships is the attitude they display towards situations that do not work out as smoothly as might be hoped or anticipated. Most of us will naturally hope for the best in our planning and actions and will work towards that result instead of simply letting things happen as they may. And if (or when) things go wrong, most of us will move on, adjusting our plans and trying to make things get back on track.

In our financial plans, for example, if an investment does not pan out or the market falls, we shift our investments towards ones we believe will help us achieve our goals, whether near term or over a longer horizon. Most of us who experience these less favorable results pick up and move ahead, knowing that markets are unpredictable and events usually beyond our control. Now there are those, fewer in number fortunately, who point the finger elsewhere when things go wrong. There is always someone else who was supposed to handle it, someone else they relied on, someone else who misled them – you know the tune.

Remember Harry Truman? Famous for the “buck stops here”? That is the kind of person we all want to be working with and for. Clients, advisers, and politicians who will not take responsibility for themselves and their decisions are certainly the ones we do not want to have in any aspect of our lives. Those people will file complaints against you when their decisions and actions prove wrong and those are the people who will let you down in time of need. So in your dealings, be aware and understand what kind of person it is who you are interacting with and make your decisions accordingly. Those who decline responsibility are not on your side and will at some point turn against you.  There are certainly enough persons who take their responsibilities seriously for you not to need the other kind.

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