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When It IS All about You

What many consider the most annoying trend in society, given impetus by the ubiquitous social media, is the sense that for some folks everything is all about them. We see this in the trivial, banal and uninteresting posts (but not this one, of course), the tendency of many people to ignore people, objects and everything else around them to focus on their devices, and the not uncommon unwillingness to listen to others on almost any topic. This disconnected approach leads to problems ranging from misunderstandings and hurt feelings at one end to injuries and even death for some at the other end of the scale of this behavior. Not an altogether positive situation.
However, there is one area in which the all about me/you approach is viable, and that is in the field of personal financial advice. What a normal investor wants is an adviser who is interested in the investor as an individual with his or her own interests, needs and goals – not just another number or generic account to manage in the same way as all the rest. That special focus, accompanied by an ongoing involvement in and management of the investor’s financial plan, including investments, is central to the success of the plan and the investor, not to mention the adviser. This is certainly one situation where making oneself the center of things is not just positive but necessary. 
The difference here is simple: the financial plan is personal and so must be all about the person for whom it is created and as such cannot affect others. On the other hand, activities involving one’s feelings and opinions or failure and inability to recognize that there are others existing around us can affect oneself and others adversely. That is a difference to understand and remember when we act.

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