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Don't Wait Too Long; Be Proactive

As the saying goes, “it takes all sorts” and it pays to remember that saying. We all know that person (or persons) who are forever pushing whatever current project, question or demand they have underway. It and they can be very annoying and sometimes frustrating to deal with, whether or not we want to participate in the project or answer that demand or question. Most of us, it seems, don’t really want to be that person and try to be more patient and retain some dignity.
The problem with the patient approach is that it often may backfire and result in difficulties when things are not handled, projects are not completed, deadlines are missed and so on. It is an interesting aspect of human nature in action that when we do not wish to be perceived as being pushy, arrogant and too demanding, we often go too far the other way. In such case, the flip side of human nature will lead some persons to take advantage of the reluctance of someone else to appear pushy. This manifests in delay, indecision, even what is termed sitting on the fence.
Even the patient person will become fed up with excuses, lack of communication, lies and worse. The problem then becomes much more serious and more difficult to resolve successfully. The obvious solution is to be flexible but not allow things to get to the point where you become angry and feel that the other party is taking advantage of you. At the same time, it is important to keep pace with your own promises and obligations so as to avoid putting friends, business associates, clients and the like into the position of resenting your failure to get things done. Most of us do not want to be in either position – the one feeling ignored or the one failing to get the job done – and so staying on top of things and keeping communications open is essential. We’ll all be happier.

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