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Client Financial Planning Services 

Showcase your fiduciary role and improve client retention and satisfaction with the personalized planning your clients want and need. 

Take your planning to the next level with Mentor RIA Consulting. We have proven success with advisers like you!

Many RIA firms require financial plans for each client, often making that a prerequisite to managing the client's investments. A client financial plan has many benefits, including the following:

  • Better understanding of a client’s wants and needs
  • Ensuring a good fit between firm and client
  • Getting direction on investment decisions, including allocations and risk appetite
  • Creating a plan tailored to the specific client
  • Keeping the client on track to achieve goals

New - training on working with Insurance and Annuity Issues as well as incorporating Advanced Health Care Modeling in the financial plan. 

To assist you in the process of developing and maintaining client plans, Mentor RIA Consulting offers a variety of planning options, including:  

  • full planning services – basic financial plans, advanced/HNW plans, updates
  • audit of your firm's process for planning and updates
  • guidance in working with other members of your client's advisory team - attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, realtors and more
  • review of existing plans with suggestions, as necessary, for deeper analysis, in-depth development of client information with the goal of enhancing the the overall plan
  • a variety of training services for new and experienced planners
  • articles and research material to use with planners and clients
  • all plans and client information are confidential

Why choose Mentor’s back office planning services? Click here for more. 

There are many approaches to building a financial plan as well as numerous financial planning software packages on the market and at firms. Whichever approach is used, though, a client's financial plan is worthwhile only if it is thoughtfully created and regularly maintained and updated. This means looking at the client data intelligently, developing the information provided, examining assumptions and considering the interplay of all relevant factors to reach a plan customized for the client’s unique situation and needs.

Samples of financial plans are available upon request. To learn more about our planning services, please Contact Us. 

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